ontrac Employment Resource Services understands that our clients with disabilities may have different needs. We adhere to the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service to ensure that all clients have access to all our employment services by:

  • Qualified and certified staff with necessary training to understand how to better serve clients with disabilities.
  • Ensuring that our policies and procedures are consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, respect, integration and equality of opportunity.
  • Promoting the use of assisted devices and accommodations to access all our services.
  • Ensuring appropriate accommodations for client access to services. A phone for the hearing impaired and a computer keyboard and monitor for the visually impaired is available in our Resource Centre. Our buildings are wheelchair accessible.
  • Communicating with persons with a disability in a manner that takes into account his or her disability.
  • Allowing people with disabilities to be accompanied by their guide dog or service animal in our Resource Centre as well as during individual counselling interviews.
  • Inviting persons with disabilities who rely on a support person, to bring that person with them while accessing our services, while still adhering to confidentiality policies.
  • Seeing ‘beyond the label’ of the disability, to identify client’s strengths and abilities and developing realistic and attainable employment goals that results in successful outcomes.
  • Partnering with government services and agencies that provide specialized supports and assistance to persons with disabilities, fostering partnerships and sharing of resources responding to individualized client employment needs.
  • Requesting clients with disabilities to provide their feedback on our services in order for ontrac to move towards betterment and to adapt to their individual needs.
  • Providing continual quality improvements with our customer service policies and procedures, that result in client service betterment in service excellence, for all clients.

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