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Company NamePineridge Children's Centre
Job PositionProperty Care and Maintenance
Job Location
  • Arnprior
Job Type
  • Part Time
Anticipated Start Date09/11/2023
Posting End Date09/30/2023
Compensation AmountDependent on experience
Job Description

This position is 10-12 hours/week.


• Clear Criminal Reference Check
• WHIMIS 2015
• Workers Health and Safety Awareness
• Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies
• Follow health and safety regulations

Property Care and Maintenance:

• Maintenance of Outdoor Environment Daily / Weekly / Seasonal Tasks

Property Maintenance Tasks
TASKS: Daily:

• Sweep front porch area, walkways around building (front and back), play structure, (until closed for season), and other activity areas i.e.: paved play track
• Remove cobwebs around the front porch area, doorway, windows, and all doorways around building.
• Walk around the property to identify maintenance issues such as fallen branches, broken gates etc. and pick up any litter.
• Check to see if Kleenex boxes in back yard have been cleaned out and hand sanitizers and bug spray containers are refilled. Any garbage to go to bin.
• Rototill area around play structure and toddler sand box and level (as much as possible) sand against pt ties to prevent tripping etc.
• Water all hanging plants and baskets, (spring, summer, fall)
• Check with the office and clip board to see if there are extra chores noted.
• Playground Safety Audit – Daily / Monthly / Seasonal


• Weed front and side beds as needed (spring, summer, fall)
• Water front and side beds as needed i.e. dry periods (spring, summer, fall)
• Complete Monthly Smoke Detector Log /Carbon monoxide detectors and check emergency lighting
• Rototill soft areas around play structure weekly and more often if necessary (spring, summer, fall)
• Keep sheds, including roofs and areas behind sheds, tidy.
• Keep tool shed in good order.
• Keep eves and roof valleys clear of debris.
• Monitor areas under wooden fence.
• Spray roots (fluorescent spray) in both playgrounds
• Change and log furnace filters as needed (once per week)
• Power wash play structure and large outdoor equipment, as needed.
• Remove and install damper on furnace (fall and summer)
• Uncover and cover AC unit for spring and fall.
• Clean bathroom fans and AC ductless unit in toddler room and ceiling fans
• Complete extra items on clipboard outside office – Extra
• Clean our dryer vents (in and outside)
• Clean sky lights in Theodore’s room, inside and outside

Spring Clean Up: Clear away winter debris from all property i.e. sweep, rake etc.
• Check and tune BBQ
• Place picnic tables out for season
• Turn on water in crawl space (crawl space by workshop and in laundry room)
• Turn off heat in crawl space at both ends of building.

Fall Clean Up: To be completed before the Town Leaf Pick-up (November)
• Leaves to be bagged.
• Bushes trimmed as needed.
• Turn off water under building and turn on electric baseboard heaters in the crawl space.
• Cover vents outside toddler room at ground level
• Turn on base board heaters in crawl spaces and put at low setting.
• Clean and close BBQ
• Place picnic tables for winter

* NOTE: If needed extra time can be approved for these tasks

* Note that the above pertains to all PCC property

How Applicants Should ApplyE-mail
Apply to:[email protected]